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Vision: Provide the dignity of a safety net for local people who are working to transition to prosperity.

Purpose Statement: To feed, educate and house local families while they are creating the resources to sustain themselves.

Value Statement: No one should ever go hungry.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to assist families in transition and their chronically hungry children. No hardworking individual should ever feel despair due to economic hardships beyond their control. Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in their own homes. And ... No one should ever go hungry.

Foreclosed Homes

Our Story: As an architectural draftsman Gina saw the decline of the secure blue collar middle class family. Good, hardworking people who lost everything due to a combination of things: the economy, lack of knowledge on where to turn for help and their fear of being seen as failures. Seeing her fellow workers fall through no fault of their own motivated her to help in any way that she could.

After seeing the 2011 CBS 60 Minutes Story "Hard Times Generation: Homeless Kids." story she just knew she had to help her neighbors. She could not turn her back on the sad situation. She could not bear to think of the families, some of whom were former coworkers and neighbors, that were now hungry and in some cases homeless. The mother in her couldn't imagine not being able to feed her children or not know they had a safe place to call home.

Yes, they are "The Motel Generation."

Thus The Kind Mouse was formed where local families in transition, many living in motels or transitional housing, are given food; and where food is sent home on the weekends in backpacks to hungry children.

BUT! To prevent hunger The Kind Mouse realizes education will be necessary. Education to keep these families out of poverty forever!

Family living in a car

We saw a problem and were determined to tackle it.

The challenge of taking on the task was easier than sitting on the sidelines doing nothing. The largest hurdle was discovering where to begin.

We were not afraid to bring the situation front and center. We were not afraid to stand up for those we couldn't see - families of 4 to 10 living in a single hotel room. We were not afraid to shine a light on the issue, children regularly going to bed without a meal. Our passion was larger than our fear, that these families felt hopeless and forgotten.

We also knew we could not fight hunger alone! We developed a great team of hard working volunteers working endlessly to fight hunger in the local transitional family community.

We also knew that providing food alone was not the answer. Many families are homeless and hungry because of the new economy and have done everything right, but others have made poor choices due to lack of knowledge/education.

Currently, through our fund raising efforts and food drives we have provided over 60 families with meals over the holidays and weekly provide food to 3 local transitional motels and weekend food to students at Lynch Elementary.

How Can We Help?: Programs

KInd Mouse PantryAlways thinking forward, Gina's goal is to eventually get these "families in transition" out of motels and into yearlong transition group-like homes (See the Plans) while helping them save up for their first and last month's deposits. A nice safe and secure setting, where children can do their homework in peace and families can gather in the evenings to discuss the day's events. A more "normal" than the chaos the families are now living in.

Gina, being driven by a force stronger than herself knows this can be done. Not one to accept no, she knows if she keeps on pushing through one day she will see her dream.

With the video talents of Stan and Gina's architectural skills, Gina feels as if this dream will one day be a reality. No hardworking individual should ever feel despair due to economic hardships beyond their control. Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in their own homes. And ... No one should ever go hungry.

Please, join The Kind Mouse Productions in this journey to help our proud hardworking friends who just one day lost everything.

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The Kind Mouse Productions

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