Feeding hungry children. Giving them hope.

The Kind Mouse is giving children hope of a brighter future. There are kids who don’t know where their next meal outside of school will come from. Many only eat while school is in session. That means they are hungry on weekends, holidays and over the summer. There are kids in every school dealing with chronic hunger. The problem is not exclusive to race, neighborhood, or age. Kids dig through trash cans to bring food home for their baby brothers and sisters, and children beg for food from their teachers and peers.

Hunger effects a child’s ability to concentrate and learn. It’s an automatic disadvantage. And did you know a child who cannot read and write by the third grade has a better chance of not graduating from high school? So The Kind Mouse is helping to keep children out of trouble and providing hope for a brighter future. With your help, we can change the future for more children.

Help Us Change The World!