How can you help or get involved?

You can donate to our cause, volunteer with us, start your own food drive by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page or directly donate food to us.

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If you wish to volunteer on an individual basis or as a group, we can make that happen!

  • Food Drives – Organize a food drive at your school, office or place of worship and collect food and/or monetary donations
  • Pantry Operations – Sorting and labeling donated product, repackaging bulk food, packing Mouse Nibbles pack sacks, cleaning, breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling, and other pantry-specific tasks.
  • Office/Administration – Assist with record-keeping, document updating, and other administrative and organization related tasks.
  • Social Media – Lend a hand with preparing and distributing social media messaging.
  • Logistics – Help load/unload product from vehicles and drive product to/from locations in county.
  • Community Events – Assist with overall event planning, or leading or joining a team to help plan fundraisers and coordinate day-of-event activities.
  • Employee Match or Charitable Giving – Hold a Charitable Giving campaign at your place of work to encourage employee support.
  • Financial Planning Consultants — Assist those in our 90-day Families in Transition program with budgeting.
  • Technology Consultants – Experienced strategic technology consultants / project managers to guide our organization through technology planning. These volunteer(s) should not just be tech gurus, but also business and process experts who can learn the operations of our organization and help us architect solutions. They should be equal parts facilitator, management consultant, trusted guide, and technology expert. Provide day-to-day troubleshooting, installation, repair and support.


Programs for kids to volunteer with

Mice In Training:  Abracadabra, Ishcabibbles, Welcome To The Mouse Nibbles

An annual program designed for children and their parents ages 5 – 12.  An enchanted, Mouse Magical program, teaching young children the importance of serving others.

The children sign an annual contract stating they will represent themselves and The Kind Mouse in a positive way while serving their community.

At this tender age, these future leaders are running their own board meetings, organizing food drives, packing food for the children we serve, raising awareness at festivals and events, speaking in public and running food drives at their own schools.

100% parental involvement is mandatory.

Small fees and dues are required.


Mice Interns:  An outreach program geared for youth ages 13 – 18 and their parents.  These are the next generation of leaders.

These teens sign an annual contract stating they will represent themselves and The Kind Mouse in a positive way while serving their community and mentoring The Mice In Training.

This high energy program brings out the best in our future leaders.  Through their own board they run events, food drives, speak in public and raise awareness of the mission of The Kind Mouse.

Mice Interns also help with the day to day running of The Kind Mouse by volunteering one day a month in the office of The Kind Mouse.

Bright Future Hours Are Earned.

Small fees and dues are required.


MOUSEVision:  This is our Video Production Team of hand selected by invitation only Mice Interns ages 14 – 18.  Currently a summer program where the youth are taught production of awareness videos for The Kind Mouse.  They write, direct, act, shoot, star in and edit the videos.

Bright Future Hours Are Earned.

Small fees and dues are required.

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