My name is Alex and my favorite food is Mexican food. I like burritos especially. I go to Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School. I am 12 years old and every Thursday night, I go to a meeting at an organization by the name of The Kind Mouse. 

The Kind Mouse is an organization that gives food to hungry kids in need who are located in the St.Petersburg area. We write the expiration dates on the packages of food really big so it’s easier to sort by month.  Then we pack assorted snacks, many with protein, inside the bags. After that, we put the bags of food into boxes and then we load the boxes into The Mouse Mobile. 

The Mouse Mobile is the van that was given to use by The Francis and Gertrude Levett Foundation. (Thanks guys.)  This beautiful van has our colors (pink, purple and white) and our mouse logo on it, so people know that it’s The Mouse Mobile. From there, the food is delivered to schools and given out to the hungry students in that very school. They are given one bag per weekend. Thank you for reading this and goodbye, amigo.