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Get involved with The Kind Mouse

There are so many ways to get involved with the Kind Mouse and make a difference in the lives of local families and children suffering from chronic hunger and transitional distress.

Without YOU we would still be chasing our tails!

*Individuals can make donations of cash or food items.
*Underwrite the cost of a marketing campaign, press releases or postal mailers.
*Volunteer time to the Kind Mouse. We have opportunities to participate in these areas: Mice In Training and Mice Interns programs, food drives, Family Transition Assistance program, office administration, community events, MOUSEVision, financial planning consultants, social media, pantry operations, loading and unloading the van, delivering food to schools and agencies, charitable giving, marketing and promotion, and technology consulting.
*Sponsor the Kind Mouse at a fundraising event or provide complimentary booth space at a community or trade event. Include Kind Mouse in your list of charities to support.
*Sponsor an event for the benefit of the Kind Mouse.
*Host a food and donation drive. Individuals, companies, organizations or even neighborhoods can host a drive. The Kind Mouse will coordinate and assist by providing empty bins as well as delivering and picking up the full bins at the conclusion of the food drive.
*Offer Employee Match or Charitable Giving as an employer. Host a charitable giving campaign at your place of work to encourage employee support.
*Companies and organizations can get involved by scheduling service days at the Kind Mouse pantry.
*Host Kind Mouse Mice Interns or Mice In Training for professional informational sessions. Provide learning opportunities related to non-profit operations.

Parents – Have your child join the Kind Mouse litter!

Check out the Kids Feeding Kids Programs and get your child involved at the Kind Mouse. There are so many benefits! Our Mice in Training and Mice Interns get exposure to non-profit operations and management, community service that is fun and critical to some of their peers, new friends and lots of family friendly events.

Community service may help your child get into college or to earn valuable scholarships. We are so proud of our Lilly! She has been with us since the beginning as a dedicated volunteer and at the age of 17 just gained acceptance to college. More than that, she was awarded $56,000 in scholarships! Everyone at Kind Mouse congratulates Lilly on her achievements.

Kind Mouse is equally proud of “Jingles” who, at the age of 12, was recognized by winning the WEDU Be More Award – Mason Dixon Award for Volunteerism. Congratulations to Jingles from all of us!

The Kind Mouse welcomes both individual volunteers and groups who want to get involved in supporting our mission. We have many opportunities ranging from pantry operations and pick up and delivery of food donations to working the wide range of events at the heart of our fundraising and efforts to raise awareness.
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Attend Events
The Kind Mouse raises donations and awareness through all kinds of family fun events. We can even be found in many workplaces around Pinellas County due to the generosity of many employers. We welcome participation in food drives and "fun"draising events. Check the event schedule and join us!
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Be A Sponsor
Without our gracious and loyal sponsors we would struggle to make a difference in our community. We are always seeking new sponsors to help us grow and feed more children in our neighborhoods. Are you the next sponsor? Please learn more and contact us with your ideas and questions!
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There are many ways to donate and support the Kind Mouse. We are, of course, grateful for any and all cash donations that support our pantry operations. We welcome the donations of food items that are packaged as part of the Mouse Nibbles program and given to children for weekend meals.
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