As a flyer on the cheer team at St. Pete High School, I look at the crowd from ten feet off the ground. From this, I have learned confidence and the ability to trust others (yes I have fallen before…) which has helped me to work well with others and find my inner balance. I first learned about the Kind Mouse from my middle school, Shorecrest. We did food drives and competitions that made us feel like we were making a true difference. In high school, I lost that connection with the Kind Mouse and my community. In junior year, I found myself lost and stressed, looking for a purpose. I decided to get back into volunteering, and the Kind Mouse was an organization where I knew my help would make a difference by feeding the chronically hungry children in my community. A little about me is that I am seventeen and a junior in the I.B. program at SPHS. I am a middle child, and I have two sisters and two dogs, a Maltese, Jimmy, and a Bichon, Frosty. I enjoy cheerleading, going to the beach or the pool, and spending time with my friends and family. I cannot wait to spend my first year on the Mice Intern team with the Kind Mouse!