Kind Mouse Mission

Expanding Operations to Feed Greater Numbers in our Community

Our Mission is to assist families in transition and their chronically hungry children while developing the next generation of volunteers to carry on the mission of The Kind Mouse. No hardworking individual and their family should ever go hungry.

The Kind Mouse is focused on three activities:

1. To feed local children suffering from chronic hunger and food insecurities,

2. To develop the next generation of community leaders and activists so they continue the work of the Kind Mouse as long as there is need, and

3. To assist families in transition. It is our belief that no hardworking individual should suffer despair due to unforeseen economic hardship.

The Kind Mouse distributed a record 123,000 pounds of food in 2019. Yet, we see the need for more help in the community every day. We are committed to expanding our operations to serve more children and families in Pinellas County, Florida.

In particular, we are committed to feeding more children on weekends through our Mouse Nibbles Program. School programs only run Monday through Friday while school is in session. The daunting reality is that all the meals that we have distributed and tummies we have filled are through only a few schools. Many more children need our help – YOUR help – to have something to eat when not in school. Food gives a child hope for a better tomorrow. #kmkidsfeedingkids

To serve greater numbers, we need to increase volunteer numbers and hours, attract more sponsors and community partners and ramp up the number of donations and fundraising events. All this needs to happen to increase our pantry capacity so we can process and distribute the thousands of additional meals.

Expanding the Kids Feeding Kids Programs

Our kids are amazing in all that they do to feed other kids in need. The Kind Mouse has created a pantry program that fosters friendship and camaraderie among the kids who participate. It is a safe place for all to gather and we encourage everyone to hang out at our pantry including the underprivileged.

A safe place was created for ALL the children.

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