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The Kind Mouse Club was something that Taylor Hicks and I (Victoria Alpert) thought of creating after a few Mice Intern meetings. We both couldn’t believe that Shorecrest Preparatory School didn’t already have a club dedicated to Kind Mouse and knew we would be the people to bring this idea to life. After learning the ways of the Mouse and everything the children in our community needed, we were able to create The Kind Mouse Club at Shorecrest. Our club had its first debut in August of 2021 and attracted nearly 40 students to join. Within the year, we have been able to host food drives, volunteer days at Kind Mouse, and even host other little events for different holidays such as a Valentines Day bake sale. Throughout our first year, we have gained over 25 service hours for our fellow students and have helped fill many tummies within our community. By volunteering as a Mice Intern, both Taylor and I have realized the true meaning of giving back, and we couldn’t be happier with the success of our club and all we have been able to accomplish.